A glimpse of awakening and baby's face

To live with a wide open heart and an unfettered mind.
A clear lense for spirit to shine through.

We start out awake.

Whenever I look into a young baby’s eyes, I get this little burst of joy and hope.
Through their eyes I see…pure Spirit.

The look is the same as in the eyes of any awakened being:
pure innocence, endless love, peacefulness and a vastness.

Imagine a world in which this essence is nurtured and can mature
without fear or shame.

What kind of world would an adult with these qualities create?

It would be very different from our current one.

There are times in your life when you may have spontaneously experienced
your heart wide open and your mind silent and in awe.

The clear lense that you were when you were born.

The guided meditation in this audiobook can allow you
to consciously experience this state again.

This is not about instant enlightenment.

It is a first step.

Perhaps your first conscious glimpse
of who you were
can be again.


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Here’s what people are saying about A Glimpse of Awakening:

“Garth gives us a simple and incisive visualization that invites us to let go our thoughts, and touch the warm stillness which is our birthright.” – Ernie Thayer

“It’s beautiful. An extraordinary summary of your work.” – Dede Henley

“I have listened to your visualization three times now. Each time it gets better.” – Bob Jones

“The writing is simple, true, and your voice is calming. It is clear that you have ‘been there’ and can hold the space and depth of silence and love. So you are able to show the way.” – name withheld

“I found your audiobook sweet and very accessible. I love that it is short and simple. Garth, thank you for teaching me this and for being the light keeper for me. I still struggle with keeping it lit, but at least I know where it is. I wish you and this book the best on your journey. May you help open a countless number of hearts.” – Marija

“I have incorporated this teaching into my daily meditation and find it a source of serenity and strength. Thank you for this beautiful tool, Garth.” – Steven Crozier

“Garth has created an exercise that is immediately accessible, elegantly simple, yet profoundly powerful. It gives me the ability to center myself fully and gently in my heart while simultaneously engaging all of my personal power.” – Sandy Maschan

“I have known Garth for 20 years and have experienced his warmth, intuitive listening, incisive responses and spiritual unfolding in many ways. This audiobook is an extension of those gifts; a wonderful way to bring Garth into your life.” – Barbara Bouchet, creator of The Contact-Zone™ Board Game and Workshops

“It is as simple as a raindrop and deep as the ocean. The key to becoming free from the victim cycle is found here. Thank you, Garth, for transforming every aspect of my life with this profound wisdom.” – Ann Elizabeth Scott