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A Glimpse of Awakening Audiobook

Please Print This Page!
It will be a useful reference when you listen to the audiobook.

Thank you for choosing A Glimpse of Awakening.

I hope you find it useful on your path.

Please listen to the meditation at least 3 times, immersing yourself each time to get the most from it. And remember you can pause the recording whenever you need.

If you have questions, please contact me.

Instructions for how to listen to A Glimpse of Awakening

Click on the download links below:

Depending on what device you’re using, the files may start playing, but you should have an option to download them or save them.

To start playing the audiobook, simply double-click on 1Glimpseaudiobook1.mp3 and your computer should start playing it. If you have a Windows machine, it should start in Windows Media Player; on a Mac it will probably start in iTunes or Windows Media Player. When prompted, double-click on 2Glimpse.mp3 or 3Glimpse.mp3. Once you have finished the meditation, double-click on 4Glimpseaudiobook2.mp3 to finish listening to the audiobook. If you would like to read the book, double-click on Glimpseofawakening.pdf.

Once you have downloaded the MP3s you can use either Windows Media Player or iTunes to burn the meditation of your choice to an audio CD.