I work with men, women and couples of different nationalities, sexual orientation and spiritual persuasion. My specialty area is relationship – to self, others and Spirit – in both a personal and business setting.

I am experienced in working with a broad range of issues including anxiety and depression, trauma, histories of abuse (physical, sexual and emotional), spirituality, sexuality, relationship issues, grief and loss, personal growth and self-esteem, childhood and adolescent issues, communication skills, assertiveness, conflict resolution, stress management and life transitions.

Individual Counselling

I create a safe container for you to work through blocks that may be keeping you from living a full and awakened life. Whether you want to achieve greater self-awareness, build stronger personal relationships, achieve deeper spiritual awakening, or work through limiting behaviors – my experience and training can help you achieve that goal.

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Couples Counselling

If you are seeking Couples Counselling, you are either in a difficult situation or want to enhance your relationship. I am available to consult with any couple dedicated to working through conflicts or wanting a deeper connection. I especially enjoy working with new couples, helping you and your partner create a foundation for relating consciously with one another.

Your relationship has three sacred parts – yourself, your partner, and both of you as a couple. I take into consideration your individual histories and needs, and how that affects the dynamics of the relationship. I work with all three parts in mind to help bring them together to form a cohesive partnership.

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Online Counselling using Skype

I currently use the internet with great success to work with clients who are unable to visit me in person or who prefer to work online. It’s effective, confidential and convenient for you.

With Online Counselling, I provide a regular counselling session using a free program called Skype.

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Discover Your Enneagram Type

The Enneagram is a powerful model of personality and character structure, much like the Myers-Briggs. However, it goes much deeper into the human psyche.

The Enneagram has nine personality types, each with a distinct, well-developed coping strategy for relating to self, others and the world.

If you know your Enneagram type, you can clearly see what motivates you as you move in the world, and with this awareness you will be able to make more conscious choices for yourself.

I am one of the first Enneagram teachers certified by one of the earliest and well-known teachers of the Enneagram, Helen Palmer. I teach the Enneagram to individuals, groups and businesses.

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A Catalyst for Healthy Organisations

A business filled with healthy individuals will be more efficient, productive and have less turnover, ultimately making the organisation more profitable and satisfying for customers to interact with.

I work with the leadership and employees to create a culture of openness, trust, honesty and conscious communication.

Whether it be helping an employee access their full potential or empowering an owner to make decisions and lead from balance and wisdom, my goal is to inspire your people to be the best they possibly can.

Even if only your key people work with me, their deepened awareness of themselves will have an enormous impact on the rest of your organisation.

I have an eclectic professional background. I have worked in top management in a highly successful high tech company, as a professional salesperson, a sales trainer and, years ago, a bush pilot. You will find that I am practical, results-oriented and adventurous in my work.

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