Online Counselling Using Zoom

Technology has become an essential part of all of our lives – it can even be useful in personal growth work. While using the internet as a mode of communication for therapy may seem somewhat unconventional, online video conferencing is an effective, confidential and convenient alternative to face-to-face sessions.

I currently use the internet with great success to work with clients who are unable to visit me in person or who prefer to work online. I’ve seen clients in South Korea, Sweden, Afghanistan, the US, Canada and here in Australia.

The program I use is Zoom-click on me for more info, a high quality video conferencing program that allows us to see and hear each other using your computer and webcam (and headset if you choose). Zoom is easy install. The zoom website will suggest the appropriate download for your hardware. I suggest downloading the App a rather than joining through the website. It is free of adware/malware/spyware etc and, most importantly, is confidential. You can use Zoom on your desktop computer, mobile phone or even tablet (such as an iPad). I will send directions in my introduction email.

Online counselling with me using Zoom is suitable for a large number of areas. However, personality disorders, bipolar, clinical depression and other serious disorders are not candidates for online counselling because in my opinion these require face-to-face sessions supported by a Doctor and/or Psychiatrist to be effectively treated.

If you are interested in seeing me online, I offer a free 30-minute setup session where we can meet one another and test Zoom.

Is Zoom Confidential?

Yes, all Zoom sessions are encrypted to ensure privacy and confidentiality. You can read more about zoom here: Testimonials

“It took me a while to schedule my first appointment  because I thought figuring out Zoom would be a huge hassle. It’s not! It’s so easy to download and to use. Plus, calls over the internet are free, even internationally! Now I can see Garth in the comfort of my own home – no commute, no parking, no childcare needed. It couldn’t be more convenient.” – name withheld

“I just finished my first session with Garth via Zoom. I am amazed at how present it felt. I was concerned about the feeling of talking with delays and the robotic feeling of sitting in front of a screen. And phone alone is not an option as I am very visual. But it was surprisingly easy to just pick up where we left off from our local sessions in Seattle. I am grateful for this option – no parking, no childcare, no starting from scratch with an entirely new counselor. Just clicked the “phone button” and there was Garth’s usual creativity, focus and openheartedness.” – name withheld

“I had been working with Garth in person for close to a year when he shared that he was moving. Although happy for him, I was scared about not being able to continue my journey with him. When he suggested Zoom as a method for us to continue our sessions I was relieved to have a continuation, however I was skeptical as to whether we could achieve the same level of connectedness and presence from different continents across an internet connection and a webcam. Surprisingly the Zoom sessions have opened up a different level of comfortableness for me to share. Different aspects of myself are coming out because I am in my own space, I am in my world and yet Garth’s presence still is able to transmit into it. I am so thankful to have his grounding presence in my life as I continue my journey in discovering me.” – name withheld

I look forward to meeting you online!