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Online counselling

Well here we are with Skype, Ichat, oovoo and multi video conferencing websites. I have a part-time counselling practice that is almost wholly online and I have access to an office if someone needs to see me in person. I’ve seen enough clients now - both new and old - online via Skype that I can say the technology is a great fit for counselling. Skype is confidential and it is as if I am in my client's space.

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Calculating the time difference for Skype

I thought I’d clarify the time differences for clients who wish to see me over Skype.

Melbourne, Australia is GMT+10.

  • For clients on the West Coast USA/Canada: you’re 18 hours behind me.
  • For clients on the East Coast USA/Canada: you’re 15 hours behind me.

During daylight savings time (October to April), Melbourne is GMT+11.

The easiest thing to do is go to my Contact page – it shows the current date and time.

When you set an appointment using my online booking calendar, you set your timezone and then the calendar will adjust to show you availability in your timezone.

Available to see clients in Melbourne and over Skype

Two months ago I shut down a 19-year counselling practice in Seattle, USA and Vancouver, Canada and moved halfway across the world with my Australian wife and 9-month-old son.

I’m now working out of Melbourne, Australia, seeing clients at my office in Elsternwick and over the internet using Skype. I’ve seen clients over Skype for a couple of years now and use it with great success. The geek in me is overjoyed and I’m happy that I can continue to be available for clients who would otherwise not be able to see me.

As you can see, I’ve relaunched my website at with new pages about how Skype works and using my online appointment calendar, which automatically converts timezones.

And I’ll be blogging as frequently as I can.

I look forward to seeing you – ‘virtually’ or in person!